This power packed interactive online course is designed to help iginite the leader within and continue student leadership development.

The Up Your Org online modules are perfect for:

  • SGA Leaders
  • Club Leaders
  • Campus Activity Board
  • Greek Organizations
  • Orientation Leaders/Peer Mentors
  • Honor Societies
  • Residence Life Student Staff
  • Advisors

Running Effective Meetings That People Want To Attend

This module will include tips for establishing shared expectations for group discussions and meetings, how to redirect comments and maintain a respectful discussion, and how to engage everyone in the discussion in an inclusive way.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Explore the basics of meeting/group facilitation tools and techniques
    • Explore the common challenges to meetings and provide the learner with skills to help team overcome them
    • How to utilize an agenda to energize the team
    • Discover various team roles within a meeting

Event Planning: Making Your Event An Event

From an awesome idea in your head, to the actual event, the key to creating and sustaining a successful programming calendar is to focus on the experience of your audience while attending the event. This module will enable you to successfully plan events.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Provide basic framework of event planning
    • Clearly define programming and types of programs
    • Discover successful/unsuccessful programming characteristics
    • The stages of successful event planning

Conquering Conflict Within Your Organization

Although we have numerous responsibilities, many cite dealing with difficult people as taking the most energy. However, conflict is natural; however it must be addressed quickly and tactfully. This module gives insightful strategies to help you succeed with those difficult members of your organization and turn them into your greatest asset.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Understanding the leadership role in conflict
    • Identify healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict
    • Strategies for recognizing and dealing with conflict before it starts

Growing Membership in Your Organization

Many organizations struggle to increase and retain members. By understanding how to identify potential leaders and taking into account their needs; organizations can increase membership through events, membership input, and organizational value. This module will arm you with the knowledge needed to help your help grow your organization exponentially.


Learning Outcomes:

    • How to identify potential student leaders
    • Discover the benefits of inviting instead of recruiting and why this is the key to membership success
    • Discover the difference between the features and benefits of your organization and how to sell them
    • Explore multiple tactics for increasing membership

Student Leadership 101: You Don’t Need A Title To Lead

Everyone is a leader- most just don't realize it. Student leaders must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses if they want to maximize the performance and development of their peers. This module will help leaders recognize the leadership qualities that they already possess- and those they may not - and how to develop and utilize them effectively.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Discover the benefits of becoming a student leader
    • Explore your leadership qualities
    • Examine the role of a student leader
    • How to create a leadership action plan that gets things done

See What Had Happened Was.... Effective Time Management in a 21st Century World

Some of the greatest drains on productivity occur when time is spent on insignificant tasks or trying to figure out what to do. Also, experts estimate that 8% of meeting time is wasted on non-relevant topics. This module will expose student leaders to methods of recognizing time wasters and making better use of the time that they have available.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Identify the key elements of time management
    • Discover the difference unsuccessful and successful time management strategies
    • Identify what is taking up your time and prevent procrastination

Creating a Lasting Legacy Through Successful Leadership Transition

Too often, student leaders leave campus without properly teaching their successors how to run their organization. This module will provide critical tools to make the transition between executive boards successful, ensuring vital information needed to keep the organization functioning is passed on.


Learning Outcomes:

    • How to help students better understand the roles of student leaders
    • How to cultivate students' leadership skills and potential
    • A simple method of keeping records of your recruiting efforts
    • How to motivate and keep members throughout the transition
    • How to build member "ownership" of your organization

The Road Ahead: Graduate School Prep

Have you been accepted into a graduate program or are you planning to attend graduate school? Viewing this module is a must if you would like to receive more information about graduate school. This module will assist you in preparing for graduate school and achieving success during graduate school.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Investigate various factors associated with graduate school selection
    • Discover the process of applying and maintaining success in graduate school
    • How to successfully build a positive network that will help you thrive socially, academically, and professionally

Show Them How It Is Done: Creating Student Leaders From Day One

Train your orientation leaders so they know how to make first year or transfer students feel connected to campus the minute they arrive. This module will teach orientation leaders the skills they need to set a welcoming tone for new students.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Discover the three phrases of orientation and why this is important to incoming student's success
    • How to facilitate small group discussion
    • The importance of peer mentoring and how to serve as mentors to incoming students
    • Explore essential student leadership skills such as meeting management and communication skills

It's Not About Bullet Points: Selling Your Leadership Experience In a Job Interview (Coming Soon)

With the current job market, future graduates need to be prepared to work in a variety of positions and be able to articulate the skills they have developed as each relates to new opportunities. Learn ways to communicate your student leadership experiences during a job interview to demonstrate real world skills and experience that can make you an asset to your future employer.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Why your leadership experience matters
    • Discover the top desired skills that employers desperately need in today's job market
    • How highlighting your value is more important than your leadership experience on your resume
    • How to identify strong leadership narratives in interviewing